Road To The Cloud – Munich

15 02 2015

Attention – New Date!

Thursday, April 30th, 2015
8:30 – 14:00

Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim
Andreas-Danzer-Weg 1

85716 Unterschleißheim

The ISV Cloud Event in Germany!


Business leaders of independent software vendor organizations (ISVs) face increasing challenges in today’s software market. Many companies that have historically bought packaged software solutions are evaluating software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-backed software solutions to replace or augment their legacy software solutions. This new cloud market presents tremendous opportunity for the business leaders of established ISVs. Capturing that strategic opportunity brings not just technical changes, but fundamental shifts to your company’s business model, and a platform decision is a key component of that shift.

Join this event to learn from your peers in the industry that have leveraged the benefits of the cloud to build a successful business. You’ll hear from owners and leaders of successful software businesses about best practices and lessons learned, and gain insight about the cloud opportunity for a software business.

This event is focused on business strategy, and is not a technical learning event.



Applications to Apps: The Shifting Software Market

The rapid co-evolution of hardware and software in a mobile-first, cloud-first world is changing the way ISVs do business: from concept to delivery to sales and monetization. Thriving in this evolving environment means looking at customers and the industry in a new way. In this session we’ll look at market trends and the ways many ISVs are evolving the way software is developed, marketed and sold.

Cloud Computing Models: Private, Public and Hybrid

Analysts project that SaaS applications will significantly outpace traditional software product delivery in the near future. As ISVs facing this ever-changing cloud landscape, you need to make critical decisions about your application lifecycle and hosting models. Evaluate some of those considerations, and learn how the platform you choose can support the model you determine.

Cloud Business and Cost Models

Cloud computing is less a technological revolution than it is a business revolution. In this session we’ll look at trends that are driving cloud computing and the opportunities these bring to ISV organizations to compete in the marketplace. We’ll see how cloud computing can change an ISV’s business model in potentially radical new ways and discuss concrete ways your business can grow in the modern world of software.

ISV Success Stories

Real world examples!

Your hosts

Speaker Image

Alexander Wechsler
CEO, Wechsler Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
Microsoft Regional Director Germany

Speaker Image

Marc Hoeppner
Managing Director, CEO, NeoGeo New Media GmbH 
Microsoft Regional Director Germany

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Renewed as Microsoft Regional Director for Germany

8 02 2015

Microsoft is changing at a very a fast and interesting pace and I am very happy to be able to announce being renewed as a Microsoft Regional Director for Germany.
There will be a lot of changes to the RD program and I am really looking forward to work on the future in this highly-skilled and innovative group of professionals.
The last nine years have been a tremendously exciting and rewarding ride.



Cloud, Azure & You

20 01 2015

Attention new date!

This is the place to be on June11th, 2015 in Nuremberg!

Join four of Germany’s leading IT-experts for a direct, honest and precise analysis of Azure and the Cloud. Learn about the benefits, challenges and risks and ask all the questions You always wanted to.

This might change the way, you look at your business!



New online course! – Enterprise Strength Mobile Security

10 01 2015

It is great to start into the new year with a brand new course on mobile security.

businessman hand show 3d mobile with padlock as Internet security online business concept

Check it out over at my friends from Pluralsight. It is more than five 5 hours packed with information, best practices, tips, tricks and tools that help enterprises to succeed on their journey implementing secure mobile infrastructures.
The course was great fun to create and contains the result of a lot of “lessons learned” during the last years.

Have fun :-)



PS: You can get free training just clicking on the Pluralsight ad on the right!

Happy New 2015!

1 01 2015

to all readers of my blog!

May the world become a better place this year and people focus on solving problems instead of creating new ones!


All the best



.NET MF – Alive and kicking!

26 09 2014

Very interesting news around .NET MF. After years of self-implied agony, Microsoft has discovered the unmatched potential of this very cool technology.

As Olivier Bloch states on his blog, the MS Open Tech group now has started to take care of it:

Or, see the official MF blog here:

This is outstanding! :-)

.NET MF could really become a game changer for Microsoft in the expanding IoT market.
Why? Because it allows very easy access to hardware functionality baked into a SOC. Think of something like “CPU.Pin1 = true” to set a physical GPIO pin. But wait, there is more! Support for Interop to do native stuff, Web Service for Devices and embedded bus support (SPI, I2C, UART). Now fully integrated into Visual Studio 2013 and upcoming 2014 versions. At the very core, although a subset, all important .NET APIs are available and thus the sky ( or should I have said Cloud?) is the limit.

Like Arduino? No, this is much better. Arduino is a plaything for designers, working great for rapid prototyping. .NET MF is for professional developers. We start to get things done and production ready, right?

I have never stopped supporting .NET MF and used it through several successful projects. There is a great training available here: .NET Micro Framework, which I will keep on the latest version just as news are rolling in.

Btw., .NET MF nodes in a solution leveraging an event driven state machine architecture (more info on this here) are able to solve even the most demanding solution requirements.



Counter Jailbreaks on Windows Phone 8.1

25 08 2014

Windows Phone8/8.1 is normally a very secure OS looking at jailbreaks, though recently some phones were hacked at least to install apps from non-original stores. If you are a company IT-admin you may ask yourself: Even if we do not use the phones jail-breaked, is there a way to prevent this?

Yes, there is and it is even relatively simple. If you are using EAS (Exchange Active Sync) or an MDM system you can either encrypt the file system of the phone or turn off USB connectivity. Please be aware, there is no manual option for this! 
Each of the measures disables the known attack angles and increases security for the phone quite a bit!




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