A very Happy New 2018!

2 01 2018


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Implement Search in your Cloud solution – the smart way

16 02 2017

Quite often apps and web applications need a way to search through content.
To implement this on your own, can be a quite demanding task, especially, if you want to offer your customers standards, such as Lucene search language, search preview, geospatial search, etc., which people are used from large search engines like Google and Bing!

In Azure there is help to achieve this, called, guess what, Azure Search, which is a highly capable search engine at your disposal.
Hook in data sources such as Document DB or Azure Storage and you are fine to go.




This is a highly efficient way not to waste precious development time on commodity tasks, but to focus on the distinguishing features of your solution.

Btw., did I tell you about Azure QnA bot? Not? Let’s talk about it in my next post. Winking smile



Happy New 2017!

2 01 2017

Stegen at Ammersee


to all readers of my blog!

Have a great year and stay tuned!

There is a lot of interesting stuff on Cloud, software architectures and devices just lying ahead of us.

This is going to be great fun!


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A very Happy New Year!

4 01 2016

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May the new year bring peace, freedom and happiness to all of You!



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Happy New 2015!

1 01 2015

to all readers of my blog!

May the world become a better place this year and people focus on solving problems instead of creating new ones!


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.NET MF – Alive and kicking!

26 09 2014

Very interesting news around .NET MF. After years of self-implied agony, Microsoft has discovered the unmatched potential of this very cool technology.

As Olivier Bloch states on his blog, the MS Open Tech group now has started to take care of it: http://msopentech.com/blog/2014/09/24/net-micro-framework-vs2013.

Or, see the official MF blog here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/netmfteam/archive/2014/09/23/net-micro-framework-sdk-beta-released.aspx.

This is outstanding! 🙂

.NET MF could really become a game changer for Microsoft in the expanding IoT market.
Why? Because it allows very easy access to hardware functionality baked into a SOC. Think of something like “CPU.Pin1 = true” to set a physical GPIO pin. But wait, there is more! Support for Interop to do native stuff, Web Service for Devices and embedded bus support (SPI, I2C, UART). Now fully integrated into Visual Studio 2013 and upcoming 2014 versions. At the very core, although a subset, all important .NET APIs are available and thus the sky ( or should I have said Cloud?) is the limit.

Like Arduino? No, this is much better. Arduino is a plaything for designers, working great for rapid prototyping. .NET MF is for professional developers. We start to get things done and production ready, right?

I have never stopped supporting .NET MF and used it through several successful projects. There is a great training available here: .NET Micro Framework, which I will keep on the latest version just as news are rolling in.

Btw., .NET MF nodes in a solution leveraging an event driven state machine architecture (more info on this here) are able to solve even the most demanding solution requirements.



Does .NET have a future?

9 10 2013

Hi folks,

here is a very interesting blog post by my fellow RD Rocky Lhotka, which I wanted to recommend as highly valuable reading.
Rocky explains very well the transitions going on in the application development market and offers some very interesting conclusions.

I always considered the .NET Framework as  one of the unique assets of Microsoft in the development area and I am sharing Rocky’s fear that, pursuing the current strategy, they are taking a very high risk of loosing developers to other technologies.

This would be a huge step back for all .NET developers! 
.NET is a very mature, highly capable platform that could have a great future, if driven by the right strategy.
I do hope that this will be realized by the right people, soon.