Implement Search in your Cloud solution – the smart way

16 02 2017

Quite often apps and web applications need a way to search through content.
To implement this on your own, can be a quite demanding task, especially, if you want to offer your customers standards, such as Lucene search language, search preview, geospatial search, etc., which people are used from large search engines like Google and Bing!

In Azure there is help to achieve this, called, guess what, Azure Search, which is a highly capable search engine at your disposal.
Hook in data sources such as Document DB or Azure Storage and you are fine to go.




This is a highly efficient way not to waste precious development time on commodity tasks, but to focus on the distinguishing features of your solution.

Btw., did I tell you about Azure QnA bot? Not? Let’s talk about it in my next post. Winking smile






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