Home Automation Hacking

18 02 2014

although named the “next big thing”, since over twenty years, home automation still is not playing a really important role in our day to day life.
This is quite different, if you look at new professional office buildings, all running on complex automation systems, but somehow the technology never has entered normal housing mainstream.
With a proven track record in this area,  we, at Wechsler Consulting, have decided to start anew at the roots, offering an introductory course leveraging fresh, affordable hardware (Ninja Blocks) that has an easy-to-use user interface as well as simple JavaScript APIs.
With our new course we want to show, how home automation technology can be used to enhance daily comfort and energy efficiency, without getting in the way. There is a lot of potential!

We build on proven professional concepts and architectures that scale well from home into the Internet of Things without sacrificing security and privacy. Get to know the possibilities at  our two day course in Dießen!






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