Windows XP embedded EOL confusion

12 11 2013

Due to some requests of panicking customers, here some clarifying information about the lifetime of XP based Windows embedded products.

Yes, it is true that Microsoft says that Windows XP will not be supported after April 2014!

However, this is only valid for the normal retail versions and not for Windows XP embedded! 

In the embedded channel different product availabilities apply.
Please have a look at this overview on the Microsoft site to check the official EOL dates.

It will assure you that even with XP embedded, there is time until 2017 to to replace this OS and if you look at Windows Embedded Standard 2009, one needs to change in Q1 2024, which still is comfortably far away, I would think.
Therefore, no need to worry!

However, if you think your devices need a little bit more modern Windows love, you could consider upgrading to Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 8.1 Industry. If you are able to cope with Windows Product Activation, Windows 8.1 Industry certainly is a cutting edge technology choice, while Windows Embedded Standard 7 (thank god still without activation) provides all features of the proven and robust Windows 7 platform in combination with granular OS flexibility.

And, if you need some more detailed help, just drop me line. 🙂
I am pretty sure we can sort it out!





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