.NET Enterprise Devs – Don’t panic!

25 10 2013

If you talk to any vendor’s dev evangelists these days, you hear just the same story. Write apps on my platform, native apps to make them fast and put them into my app store.
Honestly, I am running out of patience with them.
Problem is, that if you are an enterprise developer, you need functionality which is not provided by those app frameworks. For example, you need to design your application for heavy data input and interaction with 3rd party or custom peripheral devices those framework leave you standing in the desert! Apps are great for consumers or in certain enterprise content consumption scenarios, but please leave them there!
If you try to do anything else with them, you’ll get hurt!
In addition, custom made enterprise apps do not belong into a public app store, the certification requirement even left aside. 
I  do not know who invents those ideas at the vendors, but seemingly they do not have a real life view on customer requirements.

To the large number of highly skilled .NET enterprise developers I have this message: Do not panic and use your common sense!

If you have a Windows environment and have to do a lot of business related stuff .NET is right now the most efficient platform to choose. I know HTML5 is maturing rapidly, but if you do not want to be in a high risk “run everywhere” scenario, do not jump on it.

It is also true that .NET is heavily in need of more love from Microsoft. The amount of FUD they themselves have generated in the last three years around their dev platform is totally unwise.
But, at the end of the day, we developers are customers. So please, let’s be vocal about it and tell them! 
Software developers can change the world and this includes vendor product strategies. 🙂

In the meantime we still have a highly capable .NET development platform providing high efficiency, fast time to market as well as an unbeaten tool chain that helps us to get things done professionally.






2 responses

30 10 2013

Love it!
We should avoid this, or?
And now to something completely different…… 🙂

30 10 2013
Eric der Wikinger

Dazu fällt mir ein: “Atlantis West wird nicht untergehen…”

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