Be smart – don’t write an app for every device!

21 06 2013

Devices are the new thing and they come in a lot of different form factors, OSes and development frameworks.
You can try to target each of these devices individually with a dedicated application and yes, all the vendors try to tie you into their technology.

But – this is not smart. There is one technology that is able to help you out of the dilemma: HTML 5.

All you need on a device is an HTML 5 capable browser (and these are already there) to render an HTML 5 single page application and you are ready to go!
Deployment and change management are built-in!
No hassle with certifications, stores and, the best, no need for a paid developer account. Why should somebody else earn money with the work you do?

Shake off all constraints and visit our new “HTML 5 for .NET developers” course.

You will learn to combine your existing .NET and Visual Studio skills with the power and flexibility of web technology in the presentation layer. A strong ASP.NET MVC backend is the ideal backbone for new world applications.
This scales into the Cloud and I would be surprised to see requirements where this approach cannot be applied.
Even on embedded devices, this technology has a lot of benefits.

Would be a pleasure, if you visit us at Lake Ammer! 🙂
Do not wait for the fall and bad weather to come back.






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