The dance of the squares – Microsoft SignalR

25 05 2013

Every know and then an exciting technology is unveiled that can change the game of software development.
In my eyes Microsoft SignalR is one of this kind. It provides real-time messaging infrastructure via an Internet endpoint. It is fast and runs on a variety of different platforms, browsers and operating systems.
I have done a short demo video showing SignalR’s potential using Damian Edward’s / Patrick D. Fletcher’s MoveShape demo deployed to a Windows Azure Website.
This approach has the advantage that message transport run-time is pretty realistic, which is not the case, when backend and clients run on the same development system (localhost).

For the demo I have collected a zoo of devices from friends and colleagues to show You the potential of the new technology on PC, IPad, MacBook Pro, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Surface RT.

Btw., all devices in the demo connect via WiFi to the Internet, except Windows Phone 8, which uses it’s built-in UMTS connection to access the Azure SignalR hub.

SignalR can be used in a number of interesting ways (event router, RPC mechanism) and in contrast to a lot of other technologies in this area, it is pretty simple to implement.


Take a look and have fun!





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