5 02 2013

Yes, I know that everybody is doing apps!

But, if you look at these, most are games, do content delivery or have a little just a small meaningful action to circle around, which is fine for just 0,99€.

In the coming weeks and months I predict that a lot of developers are going to recognize that this is fine for a start, but if you want to solve real practical problems apps are just not enough. Real solutions incorporate complex workflows and provide flexible interfaces into a lot of directions. They also span a variety of devices. 
Do not get me wrong! Apps can and will play a role in these solutions, but may only be a small part of them, e.g. as mobile user interfaces (where they are really good, btw.).

One of the great challenges in a bigger solution is to cope with workflows and the constant change they are undergoing in real life. Business processes may change day by day and this, of course, needs to be reflected in the digital solution for this process.

For all, who have not forgotten that there still is something called .NET, a deeper look into the Workflow Foundation Framework is absolutely recommended.
I did this over the last few days and am very excited about the possibilities. It made me dream about flexible applications loading updated workflows on online systems without downtimes, business analysts drawing “their” process for developers in WF Designer, which is able to spit out real code or code-stubs.
And wait, there is more: even state machines can be created and maintained by this powerful technology.
This is very interesting for a lot of embedded device applications, where state machines are  a requirement all the time.

So, if you are tired of writing HTML5 and JavaScript spaghetti code and its imminent limitations, or you got a bloody nose managing memory in a multithreaded native C++ application, take a few hours to revisit good old managed code and experience the fun and productivity of strongly typed, garbage collected code, supported by mature tools.


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