Windows Embedded 8 Industry Preview available!

16 01 2013

The Windows Embedded 8 Industry Preview is out!
What is Industry? One might ask, well,do not get confused, this is the  successor of WePOS and POSReady 7, all Windows Embedded based operating systems, pretty successful in the retail and the kiosk system market.
The naming is not really consistent and seemingly points to the fact that this OS can be used in different industries. 
OK, not everybody might consider this a too fortunate move, because the retail guys may be a little alienated now, while the rest is puzzled, which industry Industry is pointing at (all embedded OSes are deployed in industries, right?). 
But, who cares about the name?
What really counts are inner values of the product and here the good things from POSReady 7, such as UPOS support, have been carried over and now are enriched by strong new features in a lot of areas: Lockdown and security, device management, multi-touch applications are just a few examples.
It is snowing anyway over her at lake Ammer, so I take a little time to checkout this new version. Isn’t there kiosk hardware somewhere in the cellar….





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