Application SideLoader

8 11 2012

Hi all,

I have been not as active in my blog around the year, posting on my favorite Windows Embedded subjects, as usually.
The reason for this was “Application SideLoader” a new tool I have written over the past months that enables the sideloading of Windows 8 apps without using the store.


This is no jailbreak, but plays within the rules Microsoft has set for doing sideloading on the Windows 8 Enterprise and Pro versions.
There are several things to configure in the OS image and the systems need to be joined to a domain!
Application Sideloader also works for Windows Embedded Standard 8, although we still have to wait for its final release to see how sideloading is handled there.

The exciting thing is that now you are able to use the quite capable Windows 8 runtime infrastructure for your line of business or embedded app without going through the Windows Store, which is a no-go for these applications most of the time.

SideLoader enables the creation and management of packages in a graphical user interface, and signs them with official code-signing certificates or generates self-signed certs for you (which is great for development and testing btw.).

Therefore, no long talking: Just go to my companies website to get an evaluation-version. Check it out and if you like the tool you can easily get the full version by acquiring a license  key.

Looking forward to get your feedback!

Winking smile





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