Cannot find my POSReady 7 features!

25 06 2012

Installing a POSReady 7 system is so easy. Just hit: next. next, next, …
But this setup leaves you with the standard POSReady 7 image, which is one size fits all.
This is not always a good OS starting point for real-life projects.
If one tries to change features via Control Panel, it is disabled, which can be confusing.
So? What to do?
Despite the fact that Microsoft keeps an easy installation the adding and removing of features is done with tools that require a little bit deeper understanding of the POSReady / Windows 7 maintenance infrastructure. This infrastructure is quite capable and tremendously enhanced looking at Windows XP, but is made for IT-Pros that are used to work with command line tools, scripts, batch files and all that stuff.

To add a feature a tool called DISM is used. E.g. to install the Windows fax features use:

DISM /image:D:\ /add-package /

The TechNet page at
is a good starting point to get more information.

BTW., DISM is used to install everything e.g. language packs, embedded features on- or offline into images, but can also be used to remove unwanted functionality.


If you need more flexibility creating images Windows Embedded Standard 7 might be worth a look!




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