New stuff in Windows Embedded Standard 8 – Unified Write Filter

24 05 2012

If you have been working with Windows Embedded Standard you most certainly are using the great disk protection features created by the Windows Embedded product group:

  • Enhanced Write Filter – sector based disk protection / HORM
  • File based Write Filter – Files System based protection
  • Registry Filter – Write-through for configured registry keys, if one of the write filters is installed.

In WES 8 Microsoft has spent some more development cycles on this topic to overcome the complex handling of the current filters. All functionality is now bundled in a single, Unified Write Filter. This is very good, because now you do not have to worry which filter to choose and all disk protection settings can be done in a single place.
But there is more! The UWF comes with a configuration UI for the Microsoft Management console. BTW., the MMC UI is a dedicated install package in CTP1! 
It offers WMI management support e.g. via PowerShell and Administrators will be able to generate configuration scripts out of the MMC. 
Way cool, eh? Hot smile
UWF is going to provide a persistent disk overlay, as well, which, in contrast to the standard RAM overlay, retains data across reboots. This certainly adds an important feature to scenarios where robustness and security are key.
However, please be aware that a persistent disk overlay needs more attention than the RAM overlay, which ideally should be handled in the main application that serves as the brain of your device.
Listening to rumors that the next Windows 8 drop of bits (nowadays called CTP, RC or similar) should be out in the coming months. I do hope that we see a preview of WES 8, as well.Winking smile






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