Great Windows 8 event in Nuremberg!

18 05 2012

Windows 8 inside – „Microsoft re-invents Windows“

Tuesday | June 12th 2012 | 13.00 – 18.00

Süd-West-Park 35| Multimediaraum | 90449 Nürnberg

The release date of Windows 8 is getting closer, which is said to be nothing less than a re-invention of Windows!
The bandwidth of new innovations starts with a new hardware platform and form factors, includes a lot of optimizations and culminates in a complete new Metro user interface.
This event, which is a joint effort of the "Nuremberg Initiative of Communication – NIK e.V." and partner companies, provides comprehensive insight into Microsoft’s motivation and goals for the new Windows release. In addition, there will be first glances on the new Metro application platform and the role of Windows 8 for the enterprise as well as in the "Internet of Things". The later talk will be held by my humble self, speaking about Windows Embedded Standard 8, as well! Smile
There are a lot of new opportunities for software companies in the new eco-system that Microsoft is currently creating that are worth to have a close look on.
Entry fee for the event is 50,00€ + VAT.
Members of the NIK and customers of presenting companies are free of charge. Please talk to your contact with these organizations to get a seat on the guest list.
More information regarding talks as well as registration can be found at:

Looking forward to see You there!





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