Building non-English images with Windows Embedded Standard 7

2 12 2011

If one tries to build a non-English version of WES 7 it is very likely that you run into this problem, when you have created the IBW Disk from an answer file that only includes the corresponding subset of packages from the distribution share:

During the WinPE configuration path an error occurs starting that a file is not available.

This is odd, because the real cause is hidden deeply in the log files. WinPE wants to have an English language pack file.
How can this be if you have configured e.g. a German language pack? Well, the language pack determines the language for the WES OS image. Unfortunately this does not automatically do the settings for the WinPE language.  The three required settings are found in the foundation core package and should be set to one of the languages available in your image configuration. All settings are applied in the WinPE configuration pass.


The picture above shows this set for German using the “DE-de” language identifier. Having set these configuration done correctly, will run the installation as smooth as expected.

Why does it fail in the beginning?
WinPE is using English as fallback language (EN-us) in its configuration, when no other language is specified in foundation core.  However, this package is not copied to installation media, when creating the installation disk from an answer file with some other language pack defined.
The result of this is the early installation error during WinPE startup.





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