Using oscdimg with WES 7 media creation feature

19 11 2011

If one plays with Windows Embedded Standard 7 and uses e.g. Virtual PC as deployment target you run into the challenge to create an ISO file from the deployment media ICE is able to produce. Microsoft provides a tool and information on how to do it in the help file, but unfortunately this does not work out as it should.
The tool is oscdimg.exe, ideally opened under administrative rights with the Windows PE Commands command shell from the WES 7 program group. The syntax described in the help is:

oscdimg.exe –n –b<Path to DVD boot sector> <Path to DVD content folder> <Path were the ISO file shall be located>

If you issue this command your ISO gets created correctly, but running IBW will fail!

The reason for this is, that oscdimg is a tool with a long history, which wants to provide backwards compatibility back to WINNT 3.5. Due to this, it shortens the long Windows 7 path names to 8.3 naming convention, which does not map the path names stored in unattend.xml. IBW cannot find its packages then.

To preserve the long file names use this command instead:

oscdimg.exe –n –m –b<Path to DVD boot sector> <Path to DVD content folder> <Path were the ISO file shall be located>


  • ETFS Boot sector is located in C:\temp
  • Content folder is C:\temp\My ISO

oscdimg.exe –n –m –bc:\temp\ “C:\temp\My ISO” c:\temp\MyIso.iso

Watch out to:

  • Have no blank between the –b option and the sector path (nice trap!)
  • Use quotes, any time there are whitespaces in the path name





2 responses

8 12 2014
David McKenzie

Thanks Guy – I had the same error, and retyping the hyphens worked for me too.

17 10 2012


I needed help to keep original names of files and I did get it here, but when I copy pasted “oscdimg.exe –n –m –b” from above I got ERROR: Failure enumerating files in directory “D:\צN\”
Error 3: The system cannot find the path specified.{end of errors}
and it’s because the hyphen symbols {-} is incorrect and when I deleted them and typed them myself the command worked.


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