When apps do not work on a WES system

26 02 2011

Sometimes bad is bad! – For example if you deploy your new application to a WES device and it stops working, although all has been thoroughly been tested on a Win 7 system. You will certainly get some “more or less” helpful error messages, but quite often this might not lead to a resolution. If you own the source code here is one thing you can try – remote debugging. It was quite difficult to setup a while ago, I remember a 60 pages MSDN article for VS2003, but is much easier now. Basically it burns down to install the remote debugger binaries on the system and to do some settings in your VS project. There is a detailed description out on MSDN.

Here the settings I did to get it work in a test project:


Please be aware that you need to run the debugger on the remote system as well as Visual Studio with administrative rights! And let the tools set the firewall rights for you.


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