Advanced WES 7 maintenance scenarios

28 01 2011

I had an interesting discussion just a few days ago. What if you want to provide advanced maintenance funtionality on your embedded system that can be handled even by people that are not IT professionals? To achieve this, you need to provide a sophisticated maintenance apllication, of course, but on which OS should it be running?
The standard Microsoft maintenance OS is Windows PE, but this is quite limited if one looks at its apllication and UI capabilities.
Linux could be an option, but why build up the capabilities and skills for two completely different OS environments in your team?
To me, the best answer to this question is WES 7 itself. Create a maintenance version of the OS for your target device. Doing this, you are free to choose whatever application and UI framework you need. Install it on a seperate – maintenance – partition of the device. Configure the device for multiboot and there you go. If there is not enough space on the device consider USB boot for the maintenance OS. 🙂
The nice thing is that this usage of WES 7 is covered by the OS license you purchase for the device. You do not have to pay for two licences. Doubts? If you need to be sure, get a statement from your local Microsoft embedded contact.

I am looking forward to have e.g. some entertaining multimedia maintenance applications on WES 7 devices in the future. Work needs to be more fun! Why not play a block-buster movie, while the device gets the newest software functionality in the background? Be sure, people will be craving for updates!





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