Get ready – meet the Matrix tomorrow!

12 01 2011

I started my professional not as a software developer, but as an aerospace engineer calculating flight trajectories on HP Unix systems using C (not ++) and FORTRAN 77 (which was already 20 years old back then). 
At that time I liked the power of digital systems, although I was crashed by the amount of work one had to do just to get a somehow nicely looking printout.
Then, a few years later (in the meantime I had switched from designing space crafts to designing software systems) the arrival of the Internet really made the difference. A lot of things that had been hard to do, out of a sudden were easy now. This does not mean you could do everything, but you could do enough to make the difference. Over time web development has grown into a hard to tame behemoth, which is not good.
The guys from Microsoft try not to reverse history, but want to get together productivity with simplicity, again. The have created a new web development system called Webmatrix, which will be presented tomorrow.
I am going to give it a try and do hope that it will remember me at the good old easy times. Smile





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