Making things simple again – WebMatrix

19 12 2010

Hey, didn’t You have the feeling that things have that things have gotten more and more complex regarding .NET development? Frameworks have grown to become huge monsters that have absolute power, but take quite some time to understand.
I remember my last time trying to do a simple DPWS call ending up digging deep into WCF specialties like bindings, SOAP message etc. .  
Do not get me wrong, it is good to have the power and flexibility of the big frameworks available, especially in enterprise scenarios, but under certain circumstances you do not want to do the heavy lifting or it just is not worth it (e.g. if you are a hobbyist trying to get a website running).
Well, if so, here is great news for you!

Tune in to the webcasts regarding WebMatrix of the Codemash event taking place on January 13th in Ohio.

Enjoy the beauty of simplicity!


PS: The event itself is already sold out!




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