Getting rid of read-only public network in Windows 7 or WES 7

31 10 2010

Just building the demos/test VMs for TechED Europe 2010 in Berlin I ran in a strange issue. Any time I specified a static IP-Address on a network adapter like this:

– nothing more

WES 7 auto-magically decided that this is a public network, which is not good, if you want to do remote management with the system. In this case Win-RM denies its services.
All attempts to change the network type were fruitless, because the system turns that entry just to read only.
After spending a few minutes trying different settings, there proves to be an easy solution:
Just specify a standard gateway! – Such as e.g.
If this configuration entry is available WIN7 / WES 7 allows you to change the network type again. Then it is finally up to you if the machine is in public, work, or home.





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