WES 7 – no more HAL troubles !!!

24 10 2010

Building embedded devices can be challenging, but building embedded device families is even more.
In the past OEMs tried to establish a kind of “standard OS image” they took as a foundation where they added e.g. WES 2009 macro components to generate a certain family member.
The bad thing with this approach is, that it works only as long as the hardware stays similar, especially with respect to the hardware abstraction layer (HAL).
This is because as soon as one boots a not-suiting HAL, the device “blue-screens” immediately.

With Windows Embedded Standard 7, there is no need to worry about this. The OS is able to handle different HALs out of the box-

This is great news for all OEMs still on the Quest to have an universal image for the device family!





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