Come to TechED Europe 2010 in Berlin!

24 10 2010

Hey and hallo,

Berlin in November is not the cool and rainy place one might think it would be! Especially during TechED you will not the chance to get to know a lot of brand new technical stuff, but also find occasions to party in one of Europe’s in-focus capitals.
What more do I need to say?

And yes, I am going to do a session on Windows Embedded Standard 7 – of course. Here is more info on this:

WEM202 – Discover Windows Embedded Standard 7 as Your Next Application Platform

Session Type: Breakout Session

Track: Windows Embedded

Speaker(s): Alexander Wechsler

Did you ever dream of building highly interactive and robust next generation applications on a platform that can be tailored exactly to your needs? If so, this session is just for you! Discover how Windows Embedded Standard 7 combines the power of Windows 7 with the ease, flexibility and dedicated functionality of the Embedded branch of the Windows family (predecessors: NT 4.0 embedded, XP embedded, WES 2009). Join us for a wild ride across a lot of technologies, such as Silverlight 4.0, Sensor & Location PLatform, Enhanced / File Based Write Filter, Windows Azure, Gadgets, Powershell, Dialog Filter, and the new managed DPWS stack, to name just a few. The time to design the next wave of smart connect devices is now!  


Timelines are not fully finalized, yet, but will be available soon.
I’ll keep You posted!

It would be a pleasure to meet You in Berlin!





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