LMHosts file missing on Windows CE! But – no need to worry….

27 09 2010

Sometimes, it comes in handy to work with some static entries in a DHCP environment, e.g. if no DNS Server is available.
On a desktop system this is not a problem. One can always add the desired entries in a file called lmhosts, which actually is a dinosaur configuration file. Its history reaches back into the early beginnings of TCP/IP!
You can find it in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

On Windows CE this is completely different. There is no lmhosts file, instead a registry key can be used to map IP addresses to DNS names.
Unfortunately the handling is a bit more complicated than simple file editing on desktop.

Be aware that the registry keys must have the correct type, for example RegBinary for IPAddress and must be filled with corresponding settings.
In case of the IPAdress you need to convert the IP Octet numbers into hexadecimal data: then is C0A80004.

If a machine called AlexsWebserver needs to be statically mapped the key looks similar to this:


IPAddress(RegBinary) C0A80004 (4 Bit)
ExpireTime(RegBinary) FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF (8 Bit)

Of course in a non-lab environment the use of lmhosts is depreciated. It can be a real nuisance whiletroubleshooting, when an address has changed and the old mapping was left forgotten in that file.

Very hard to find!





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