SCCE is in the cloud

21 08 2010

SQL Server Compact Edition – For all friends of this highly flexible, portable and mobile database there is great news: Using the latest version of the Sync Framework (which is 2.1 and just came out). Devices are able to connect to SQL Azure instances in the cloud.
Why is this great? Well, having access to databases in the cloud certainly enables a lot of new and interesting scenarios for embedded as well as mainstream developers that require a lean and resource-aware database.

Therefore, have look!
That cloud thing is getting more and more traction…


There is one thing that nevertheless make me a bit sad:
Sync Framework is only supported on desktop and WES systems. No support for Windows CE or Windows Mobile/WP7.
Why is this so? The Sync Framework team should also give some love to where it came from (would, at least, make sense to me).




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