Installing a SCCM Client on CE 6.0

4 08 2010

Installing a SCCM Agent onto an Embedded device is not as straightforward as one might think. There are several traps to fall into and I am going to shed some light on quite a few of them in this and my upcoming blog posts.
Let us start with some fundamental facts:

Choose the correct CPU architecture
Due to the fact that CE runs on several CPU flavors it is apparent that one needs to choose a corresponding agent setup.

Be aware of the correct version
As written in my previous post SCCM agents are version dependent. So, if you want to run on CE 6.0 get the corresponding setup from Microsoft Download Center. Here you can find the agents for previous CE versions, as well.
Btw. previous setup versions are also to be found on the SCCM server installation itself.

Check SCCM Site Mode
SCCM is run in native (secure) or mixed mode. In native mode client certificates are used to authenticate client systems. In mixed mode SCCM trusts the incoming devices and this is therefore only suited for Intranet scenarios.
Native mode requires some certificate imports. I have found a great blog post describing this quite well.

Agent Setup needs some configuration
The agent setup is not a run and click-thru setup. It needs some input that has to be provided in a file called clientsettings.ini . This ini-file I am going to explain in my upcoming post.

No-uninstall via Control Panel
If You have installed an agent with the wrong settings it cannot be uninstalled via Control Panel\Programs. Instead change the Install switch in clientsettings.ini and rerun the DMClientSetup.exe. This is really nasty, because the uninstall entry is made, but does not work correctly. Absolutely something I am taking with me to Redmond on the next occasion.

Network and DNS Resolution must work beforehand
TCP/IP connectivity and DNS Resolution are essential to achieve a well-running device management. So check, if it works from a desktop system towards the device and vice versa.

If these things are good we are ready to take the next steps.
I’ll keep you posted.





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