WES 7 and native VHD boot

2 06 2010

Yes, native VHD boot is also one of the features WES 7 inherited from Windows 7 and this is so cool.
Especially deploying and maintaining a single file comes quite handy. The only thing I am missing comparing VHD boot to WIM is single instancing of files, when several OS images are in the WIM container.
Wouldn’t it be great to create devices that boot into different roles(OSes) depending on configuration without having a large overhead?
Sorry, sometimes I get carried away by a great looking idea.
But nevertheless, when working with VHDs check out the WIM2VHD tool, works like charm and turns your WIM file into a bootable VHD, nice. 🙂
You can get it at: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/wim2vhd





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