TechED 2010 North America getting close!

19 05 2010

Yes, it is conference time again and it is in sunny New Orleans! The German spring still sends shivers down my spine (today 6°C) and so I am looking forward to get into a warmer climate just three weeks from now.
Of course, I want to use this occasion to talk about the newest release in the Microsoft Embedded product chain – Windows Embedded Standard 7. Join me for a thrilling exploration through the feature and technology jungle in WES 7 and you will see that embedded devices gain a lot by adding the Win 7 flavor. Btw. Doing this is easier than ever!

WEM201 | Discover Windows Embedded Standard 7 as Your Next Application Platform

And wait, there is more! Ever heard of the S&L platform? No!? Then, be there at the WEM306 session to see how nice turning a dumb device into a WES 7 environment-aware feature beast can be.

WEM306 | Using the Sensor & Location API on Windows Embedded Standard 7 to Create Exciting Connected Applications

Oh, yes, I heard that there are bands playing late at night in the French Quarter, but probably not for us, as we dedicate all our time to education and technology.

CU there! 🙂





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