Discovering Windows Embedded Standard – Part 8 – Specialize configuration pass

16 03 2010

Sorry, have been blocked by trade fairs (Embedded World) and project stuff in the last weeks. Therefore it has been a bit quiet here lately.
But now I am back to write about the specialize configuration pass!

However, before we start, all the best to my fellow Regional Directors partying in Vegas at the MIX 10 conference.
Whish I could join You, guys! 🙂

Nearly as exciting is the specialize configuration pass, which is (in my eyes) not really a standalone pass, but a sub-sequence of the overall sysprep image cloning efforts. It is used in combination with the generalize pass, taking the reference image created by this one as basement for its own configuration tailored with the help of Active Directory or other additional information provided in the answer file. One is able to configure network settings (e.g. static IP addresses), international settings (MUI languages) and domain information in this pass.
Due to the fact that the specialize pass tailors the system to given environmental parameters it always needs to run on the final target hardware and in the desired network surroundings to achieve optimal results.





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