Discovering Windows Embedded Standard 2011 – IBW builds operating system images easily – Part 2

22 01 2010

The quickest way to get a Windows Embedded Standard 2011 up and running is to use the Image Builder Wizard (IBW). There is a very good post by Robert Smith on the Windows Embedded Team blog that explains in detail how to use it. He also made a nice video about it.

The basic steps are:

  • Insert the WES DVD or a bootable USB Stick with the same content into your target machine
  • Follow the wizard and do your choices
  • Run the setup with the settings you just selected
  • And voilà you got a running WES image on the device.

    This really is a piece of cake. Try it out with WES 2011 CTP2.
    Creating an image never has been so easy.





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