Predictions 2009

22 01 2009
It is always hard to look into the crystal ball, but I will try to have something to come back to end of the year.
So here are five predictions for 2009:
  • Financial crisis will hit us (the IT industry), but not as hard as some people anticipate. This will be because doing sucessful business today means to have your processes mapped well into software and systems.
  • Smart devices and connected systems will get part of global solutions.
    This could develop into great news for us embedded guys. Somebody needs to develop and build all those geeky gadgets, uups sorry, solution parts.
  • Car manufacturers are going through rough seas, but still move to slow to come out.
    In my eyes they should spend less time dealing for susidiaries by the goverments and put more investment into long overdue innovations leading to safe, power efficient and still fun-to-drive cars. Otherwise I’ll take the bike.
  • Power efficiency is of course already one of the buzz words, but will unfortunately be still under-emphasized.
    We need green energy and green devices to solve ours as well as the problems of future generations. The faster the better!!!
  • Windows 7 will be a smash hit, if things stay on track. I never had a new OS (in beta!) that was faster than my old one on the same hardware and cannot get this smile from my face looking at it.

Well these are just my personal thoughts, so no guarantees or whatsoever.
Let us get back to this post in a year and see what was right or what was wrong.Animoticon





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