VISTA Revisited Nuremberg – 28.02.2008

3 02 2008
One year ago we did a great event in Nuremberg, Ansbach and Munich just right for the arrival of Windows VISTA. Rooms in all three cities were packed and expectations have been quite high.
After one year being in the market people’s opinions are mixed on VISTA. Of course, there were problems with drivers, the new security and so on, as with every new major OS release . On the other side, some people are really fond of the new UI as well as programming models and would never want to go back to XP.
We think, that this is a great opportunity to bring everybody together again, exchange experiences and give direct feedback to high class Microsoft speakers, who are going to join us for the event.
In addition, this is also a great chance to get first hand information on the further Windows roadmap regarding VISTA SP1 and beyond.
I will be doing a session on the new VISTA Preinstallation Environment (WinPE 2.0), that will be a workshop with very little Powerpoint slides and a lot of demos.
It would be great to see You there.Animoticon
We start in Nuremberg on the 28th of February 2008 and will also have one event in Munich (date to be announced).



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