Creating an international customized WinPE version

6 12 2007
I have tried to create a custom PE image with a localized version of the the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit). But every time I tried to prep an image this would result in an error message.
It took me some time before I found out that this is due to a localization error. Peimg /prep ecpects that after a warning the user types in "yes" to confirm the sealing of the image.
In my localized version the warning text has been translated into German where "yes" means "ja". Well, so far so good, the bad thing is that the tool itself has not been changed to expect the German "ja"! It still only validates the English "yes". Neat, isn’t it?
Therefore, wherever You are in the world and Peimg asks You to enter "ja", "si", "qui" or similar, You should always use "yes" to be succesful.
A truly globalized application….. Animoticon



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