HORM hangs on resume with “Delete restoration data…”

27 06 2007
Did it ever happen to You that HORM hangs while it tries to resume from hibernation with that "Delete restoration data or continue…" message.
The reason for this can be:
  1. You are using a pre SP2 version of XP embedded – there was a bug in EWF NTLDR that was fixed in SP2
  2. You have a current version of XPe, but You missed to enable HORM in the EWF component. Due to this, a file called HORM.dat that is used by EWF to determine if HORM is enabled, is not created during the XPe build process. HORM.dat replaces Resmany.dat from previous XPe versions and in contrast contains some data as well (it is not empty!). EWF NTLDR uses HORM.dat to determine its state and boot configuration.

Our tools HMLite and HMPro still create resmany.dat as well, for backwards compatibility. Do not worry, both files do not interfere in a newer system.
However, if running a FP2007 or later version of XPe HORM.dat is required for HORM to work correctly.







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