Web Services on Devices

16 05 2007
So, shortly after You have bought this new electronic picture frame, You just unpack it and plug it into a power outlet. It then automatically hooks into Your network, tells all other devices on the net that it is now a fellow citizen and begins to stream family pictures from Your media server. Yes, there may be some security prompts You might have to answer, but the rest is just keeping the flow.
A dream? A future scenario of 2030?
Well not quite, a new technology called Web Services on Devices could provide the infrastructure for this. It is already part of VISTA (codename Windows Rally) and is eagerly waiting for anew wave of devices talking to the mothership. But wait, there is more. The infrastructur stack, e.g. as shown in the MEDC keynote, is already available in or to be implemented for some Windows Embedded operating systems such as Windows CE and the .NET Micro Framework. Then devices can not only talk to desktops or servers, but to any peer on the network.
This is quite exiting, due to the endless number of new functionality scenarios that could be based on this.
What do You think?



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