MIX and MEDC news

7 05 2007
Just back from Vegas and I have to say it was quite worth while.
The number of Microsoft embedded products is growing steadily and a lot of exciting synergies evolve between the technologies. Robbie Bach showed in his keynote (of course technically supported by Mike Hall) the broad range of devices starting with quite a few good looking new Smartphones based on Windows Mobile 6.0. But wait, there is more. Microsoft has discovered the autmomation market. To be more precise the home automation market.
I have seen a Windows Home Server controling a normal kitchen lamp with the help of a .NET Micro Framework device. And guess what, the UI wasn’t running on Your father’s PC anymore, but the Media Center in Windows Vista Ultimate.
Just use the remote control and everything works automagically in couch potatoes heaven. So, how cool is that!  
But rest assured, there are quite a few interesting scenarios that make a lot of sense in home automation. It even could be a good platform for third party services.
Sorry….., I get carried away, home automation still is one of my hobbies.
Nevertheless stay tuned over the next days. I will try to brain dump everything valuable I ran into over this exciting last week in Vegas.



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