.NET Micro Framework surfs the Z-Wave

13 04 2007
Yes, I am an home automation geek, but this might be interesting to all the people that want to have more comfort in their home.
Leviton has released the first wireless home automation gateway running the .NET MF using the Z-Wave protocol to communicate to sensors and actors in the home.
But wait, there is more to come!
Both companies are planning to release hobbyist projects at http://www.Coding4Fun.net that enable programmers to take control over their home. That is really cool, but one needs to see if this is beneficial to your relationship: "Honey, be careful, I have re-programmed the lights!"
Well, maybe starting with a test setup in the cellar helps to stay out of trouble!
Just think of the endless number of scenarios we can tackle now with blessings of managed code!  
This is much better than an electric railway.
Wechsler Consulting is offering a .NET Micro Framework Starter Workshop giving you a jump start into the new technology.



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