Disk protection in FP 2007

13 12 2006
The new feature pack brings a lot new stuff and quite a few improvements looking at disk protection.
Let us start with the improvements. HORM (hibernate once resume many) is now a first class citizen and integrated into the EWF UI as well as EWF manager.
This quite nice, because enabling HORM before included creating a custom registry component and a series of maual steps.
Of course I cannot resist to point You to our two tools HMLite and HMPro that have helped thousands of developers to run EWF in their scenarios. Sorry for that!
With new integration HORM is quite easy to be plugged into Your XPe image and I definetly recommend a look at the very interesting possibilities you have using this technology. -> Fast Boot is just one of the most prominent.
But now the new things:
There is a new write filter called FBWF (file based write filter) – who is creating those names? In contrast to EWF it is not rerouting writes based on the physical sectors of the disk but sits on top of the file system. Thus it is possible to exclude cerrtain files from write protection, which was not so easy with EWF (unprotected files needed to have always the same size – boring somehow).
FBWF has a volatile RAM overlay only and does not allow to a complete commit but a selective write through for specified files. This should be taken into consideration.
Partitions using FBWF cannot be protected with EWF at the same time! Therefore a practical scenario could be to put EWF on the boot and OS partition and FBWF on an additional data partition. There is as with EWF a FBWF manager and a FBWF API available for scripting or programmatic access of the functionality.
Another new filter is the registry filter. It allows you to write through both, EWF or FBWF, into the registry without turning them off. This is important, because e.g. domain participation machine password changes or Terminal server secrets need to be persisted in the registy from time to time as it is offered in the component UI.
You can use the reg-filter for your own keys as well. Drop me a line and I will tell you how. This is already getting lenghty. 😉
To sum it up disk protection in feature pack 07 has encountered interesting improvements!
This is great, because with them an already very important embedded enabling feature has gained a lot more value.



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