Installing XPe FP 2007

7 12 2006
Installing the Feature Pack is pretty straight forward if You have backed up Your "old" component database with SQL 2005 Management Studio or via command line (I blogged about it just a few entries below).
But there is one thing to be aware if You have tried the CTP versions before. Do not uninstall the CTP release as asked by the FP 2007 with the standard remove button. This will uninstall the complete toolsuite and leave disk-jockeying installing the SP1 and SP2 tools again!
Instead use the "show updates" feature (Andy Allred tells us how) of the Add/Remove Software control panel applet to do the job.
Be also aware that if You are running VISTA, MSDE will no longer be available for this platform. You can use SQL 2005 Express or the real SQL Server 2005 to the job on VISTA. 
And do not forget to disable User Account Control (UAC) or You will be drowned in message boxes! 🙂
First new feature coming up next – FP 2007 disk protection with FBWF, EWF and registry filter – that really is cool stuff so bring a scarf and a cap…



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