Booting XP embedded from USB 2.0

2 09 2006
With the new Feature Pack booting an Xpe device from USB 2.0 (1.1 is not supported) will be a piece of cake. Just add the new USB component, run dependency check and disable some of the older dependencies.
I was able to boot my Dell Lattitude D800 from a PNY 1 GB USB stick right away.
But please, be aware that this is not as fast as booting from a CF card connected to the IDE controller (ideally fixed CF card, with DMA support).
 USB Boot certainly is a great enabler for quite a few interesting change management and maintenance scenarios.
Thefore, give it a try! 😉



2 responses

25 11 2006

Hi Paul,
no, it does not affect the hard- or firmware. But it will get formatted and a new boot sector will be written. If there is any software on the stick before it will be lost.

24 10 2006

does making an mp3 player a bootable xp device modify its firmware or scramble hardware?  or does it just copy files?

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