Using HMPro in XPe maintenance

18 07 2006
There are lot of different ways to do maintenance of XPe devices in the field and it is dependent on each projects requirements, which one is the best.
I get a lot of questions from customers about the best way to choose and this is not always an easy tell.
Well, in my eyes You should start with a pragmatic approach. If there is already a change management system  (e.g. Microsoft SMS Server) in place and Your XPe devices could be hooked into that, then try to integrate. HMPro easily can be built into update scripts or other techniques used by those systems and it gives You also a look into what will happen on the device with the help of the execution plan before the scripts run in the field. This can be especially important if manual reboots are required.
Btw, if Your hardware supports "Wake on LAN", You could try to leverage this feature to get rid of any manual tasks, but be aware that this requires some synchronisation.
If there is no enterprise infrastructure, do not build one!
That is too expensive in nearly all cases . You can fall back to Device Update Agent or roll Your own maintenance solution e.g. leveraging Windows task scheduler and scripts called from a network share to create a maintenance window for the devices. Here again HMPro integrates into the scripts or can be called as ity own task by the main update process.
Still questions? Well then drop me a line



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