SQL Server 2005 Everywhere – a new database for mobile and embedded developers!

6 07 2006
Maybe You have heard the rumors, there is a new version of SQL mobile in the pipe that will change quite a few things in the mobile and embedded market: SQL Server 2005 Everywhere. Yes, marketing people in Redmond like short and catchy product names. 
Nevertheless will the new db run on every Microsoft platform and this is quite interesting. Not only because it carries the very good out of the box connectivity to a SQL Server backend, but it also comes with a very low footprint that helps You e.g. squeezing Your XPe system and app on a smaller CF card.
It is said, that it even is able to synchronze with an Access DB. This could mean starting a new kind of a client server scenario between Your desktop and Your smartphone.
Well, just check it out, the CTP is ready for download!



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