Announcing Horm Manager Pro for XP embedded!

21 06 2006
We are currently in the last development and testing stages of our new HORM Manager Pro tool, which will be a commercial version of our very popular Horm Manager Lite utility.
It comes with essential features that enable the control of the Enhanced Write Filter and Hibernate Once Resume Many (HORM) in an elegant and easy to use way in enterprise class scenarios.
With HMPro you will be able to:
  • Enable/Disable/Commit HORM and EWF
  • Handle scenarios having multiple protected and unprotected partitions
  • Start and Stop applications or services before and after any mount/unmount actions
  • Create and manage command files in a command editor
  • Build comprehensive and reliable command sets checked by a rule engine for field distribution
  • Schedule HMPro actions via task scheduler and unattended command line mode
  • Include HMPro into maintenance scripts (e.g. distributed via SMS Server or Dveice Update Agent)
  • Customize it with OEM artwork (logo and caption string)
  • Log its actions
  • Create execution plans to see what will happen to Your device, without running the command script
  • Review the editor session history
  • Trigger shortcut commands for immediate interaction with EWF/HORM on the XP embedded field device

HMPro will be the essential tool for anyone having to control EWF and HORM out on XP embedded field devices.

So please, bear with me, during the next weeks I will keep You posted as soon as we are able to release it.






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