Small is beautiful!

10 05 2006
There is a lot of new stuff at this years MEDC, but one thing for an embedded developer like me came pretty unexpected:
 Microsoft is launching on OS smaller than Windows CE, the .NET Micro Framework. Well, it is not exactly an OS but more a runtine engine that lives on a small devices without the need for an OS.
Using the Micro Framework less pricy 32-bit processors without an MMU can be leveraged. It is said to run in about 500k of memory directly from Flash.
Another cool thing is, that one has complete Visual Studio integration to program for it. 
This is absolutely intriguing, because, out of a sudden, managed code now can get even down to very small devices such as e.g. smart sensors, which enables a lot of new and really cool gadget scenarios. 
SPOT watches are just the tip of the iceberg.
Yes, and by the way, Windows CE became 10 years old and is looking pretty healthy in its newest beta version 6.0, which is able to support 32000 processes as well as 2 GB of RAM (that was mainframe class, only a decade ago).
Times are changing!



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