Recap Microsoft Embedded Roadshow Munich

29 04 2006
Quite impressing – the range of new devices and tools leveraging or supporting Windows embedded presented by the Microsoft/Intel partners at the roadshow.
To give You a short impression I will name some of them for You:
  • 3Soft presented a settop box based on the Phillips Xperia plattform that was already running the newest and just feature pack (aka Tomatin) of Windows CE 5.0. That’s cutting edge technology!
  • Beckhoff showed a low price industrial automation controller, the CX 9000. Built on an XScale plattform it runs CE 5.0 along with Beckhoff Twincat SPS and is absolutely suited even for hard realtime tasks. You just click-on the fitting terminal extension for any kind of I/O. This device is even able to handle the EtherCat realtime ethernet communications.
  • Keith & Koep showed me a very compact radiation detector that is able to tell You even the type of radiation it detects. It is good for customs control officers.
    By the way, did You know that their office is located in a former church?

We also got a lot of valuable feedback from the "first ever" presentation of our Wechsler Consulting HORM Manager Pro during the XPe Advanced – Hands on Labs.
Thanks to everybodyl dropping by! We will take care of all your suggestions, to get them into the final release!
I also liked the skying stunt films the guys from AVNET Switzerland showed on their devices. I would break all of my bones, if I would try to to something similar.

So looking back we had to days of great, informative talks with customers,  partners and a lot of nice people, which made it absolutely fun to be part of this show.





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